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We provide  framing solutions to customize  your indoor and outdoor shades Installations!

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Framing solutions for indoor and outdoor shades are essential for proper installation, functionality, and aesthetics. Here are some framing options for both indoor and outdoor shades:


Indoor Shades:

  1. Inside Mount:

    • Inside mount frames are installed inside the window frame, providing a clean and streamlined look.

    • They are ideal for windows with sufficient depth to accommodate the shade mechanism.

    • Inside mount frames help minimize light gaps and provide a snug fit for the shade.

  2. Outside Mount:

    • Outside mount frames are mounted on the wall or window frame outside the window recess.

    • They are suitable for windows with shallow depths or irregular shapes where inside mounting is not feasible.

    • Outside mount frames offer flexibility in covering the entire window opening and can create the illusion of larger windows.

  3. Cassette Systems:

    • Cassette systems consist of a headrail encased in a sleek, often decorative, housing or cassette.

    • They provide a clean and polished look, concealing the shade mechanism when not in use.

    • Cassette systems are popular for roller shades and Roman shades in both inside and outside mount applications.

  4. Fascia or Valance:

    • Fascia or valance frames are decorative elements that conceal the top of the shade when it is fully raised.

    • They add a finishing touch to the window treatment and can be customized to match the decor.

    • Fascia or valance frames are commonly used with roller shades and cellular shades.

Outdoor Shades:

  1. Exterior Mount:

    • Exterior mount frames are installed on the outside of the window frame or directly onto the exterior wall.

    • They are designed to withstand outdoor elements such as wind, rain, and sun exposure.

    • Exterior mount frames provide maximum coverage and protection for outdoor shades.

  2. Cable Guided Systems:

    • Cable guided systems use stainless steel cables to guide the movement of outdoor shades.

    • They are ideal for areas with high wind conditions, as the cables keep the shade securely in place.

    • Cable guided systems are commonly used with exterior roller shades and solar screens.

  3. Track Systems:

    • Track systems consist of horizontal or vertical tracks that guide the movement of outdoor shades.

    • They provide smooth operation and precise control over the position of the shades.

    • Track systems are suitable for large openings and can be motorized for added convenience.

  4. Zipper Track Systems:

    • Zipper track systems use zipper technology to secure the fabric within vertical tracks.

    • They prevent insects, debris, and light gaps from entering the space, making them ideal for outdoor living areas.

    • Zipper track systems offer enhanced durability and wind resistance compared to traditional outdoor shades.

When selecting framing solutions for indoor and outdoor shades, consider factors such as the type of shade, window configuration, environmental conditions, and desired aesthetic preferences. Choose a framing option that complements your space while providing functionality and durability.

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